Travertine tile cost guide for 2016

Travertine is a natural stone mainly composed of limestone and is used especially in floor tiling. It is commonly used in kitchen and bathroom floors though it would also be ideal outdoors for pavements, paths and exterior foyers due to its durable qualities.

When using travertine it is important to factor in cost of purchase and installation and weigh the benefits of each.

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Here is the travertine tile cost guide for 2016;

  • The minimum known cost for tile installation is estimated at $3 per square foot.
  • The maximum known cost for tile installation is estimated at $30 per square foot.
  • The average known cost for tile installation is estimated at $15 per square foot.
  • Purchasing tiles per slab rather than per tile reduces the cost greatly, it can go down by about 50%.
  • It is great to seal natural stones like travertine since it is porous and it will last longer with sealant. However, this influences the cost greatly and you can expect to add a few hundred dollars above the installation cost. Sealant is charged per square foot so the overall cost of sealant will depend on the entire area the stone will cover.
  • Another factor that influences cost is the type of finish. You can choose to have the stone honed, polished, brushed, tumbled or natural. Natural finish is the least expensive since it won’t require any dyes or special finishes. If you would like it polished or brushed for an aged look or honed or tumbled for a rough appearance, it will cost considerably more.
  • It would be more affordable to leave the stone as it is in its natural form to save money. However, it needs to be noted that travertine is prone to staining and a sealant should be used to prevent staining and damage.


It is important for anyone wishing to install travertine to factor in their objectives and consider the overall budget and ultimately choose what is right for them. Marble tiles

5 Things You Should Know About Interior Bedroom Lighting

Your bedroom is indeed one of the most important places around your home, and as such, it should be an aesthetically pleasing place to be in. One way in which you can enhance the aesthetic value of your interior bedroom is by giving it the right lighting. Your choice of lighting for your interior bedroom will determine so many things; bad lighting will dull your moods, and when your moods around the bedroom are messed up, then almost everything else in your life will be screwed up.

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Below are 5 things you should always know about your interior bedroom lighting;

  1. Affects the size; your choice of lighting for your bedroom will greatly impact on its appearance, in terms of space. While bedroom lamp stands are romantic and stylish, the good old lighting of having a bulb directly above helps the light glow and radiate on people’s face, making them look less haggard.
  2. Sets the mood; dull colors tend to dull the mind if insufficient light isn’t filtering into the bedroom. Bright lighting on the other hand creates a more candid and straightforward mood. The trick however lies in balancing between having colors that look great in natural light, and are also impressive at night when artificial lighting is in use.
  3. Amplifies the general aesthetic value; an interior bedroom with beautiful furniture, beddings, carpets, dressing table, but lacking the right lighting is in limbo. Proper lighting helps amplify the beauty of each of these, and create a combined and balanced appearance out of every item therein.
  4. Bedroom as a work station; nowadays, more and more people are taking their laptops with them to the bedroom; there are times one wants to handle a quick task in the privacy of their bedrooms. As such, you’ll need proper lighting to help you work more productively.
  5. Energy bill; energy bills always nag us, and one way to cut back on them is by employing the right lighting for your interior bedroom. Light colored curtains and drapes, bright wall colors all help make the most out of natural light, while energy saving bulbs and lighting options are more recommendable at night.

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How to Start a SEO Consulting Business and build a thriving business in 2016?

Search engine optimization is all about being geared properly for online marketing. It changes websites so that they have a higher ranking in organic and paid online searches. Consultants are always advised to offer their marketing, business and education skills to many organizations rather than stick to a single company. The SEO experts have to be well versed by changing their advertising techniques and making sure their clients are well ranked. One can reap profits from the SEO consulting business when they learn how to do it the right way. Below are a few tips on how to start an SEO consulting business.

  • Learn the SEO skills. One should be well versed on how to use the internet, manipulate websites, analyze web traffic and gain proficiency. Identify and analyze keywords that most people will use to search for a site or product. Work with different advertising groups to gain popularity like; Bing, Google and Yahoo. Write good quality content that contains popular keyword phrases and update content frequently to improve web traffic. Build user interaction and comments. The more the content is generated the higher the ranking levels.
  • Become an expert in SEO. Before setting out to start a self business, work under a SEO consultant firm. This is to help you polish your skills and learn how to converse with clients. Improve your expertise by attending conferences, optimizing your own websites and writing a blog or an eBook. If you want to know more about experts, read more on
  • Take business courses. One does not have to take up a degree in business but make themselves conversant with some business courses. These skills will help you in running your own business. Book keeping, tax preparation, finance and business planning are among the few courses one can partake.
  • Writing a business plan. These plans should include; marketing, management, finance and staff plans. The plans should be presented for loans and investments for the start up costs.
  • Creating a brand identity. Every company has a name, logo and a description to use when marketing businesses locally or online. Research on something unique that will capture the public’s eye and also bring out a competitive look.
  • Create a list that contains the services provided. Ensure you are able to offer services that you can provide.
  • Develop a system analysis, monitoring and reporting. The device should be able to analyze the ranking rates, monitor the stability and return results to the consultant and client.

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